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Dec 02

Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against America

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Walid Phares has been consistently called on by the U.S. government, State and Justice departments, Congress, and media all over the world to help explain jihadists and prepare us for what may happen next. In his definitive new book, Future Jihad, Phares clarifies for the first time the fundamental misunderstandings about the aims of al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations, and what victory really means to the jihadists. He paints a frightening new picture of what we can expect from terrorists in the future. He addresses such issues as: How the real aims of jihadists are obscured by the politically correct … What Osama bin Laden's destiny is in the minds of his followers … What weaknesses the jihadists see in American and the West and … Do the jihadists have backing from other powers and states?

WALID PHARES, in addition to serving as a Senior Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, is MSNBC's terrorism and Middle East expert. He leads Diaspora delegations to discuss Mideast Terrorism with the Security Council and is a professor of Middle East studies, ethnic and religious conflict. He regularly appears on CNN, NBC, C-Span, al Jazeera, al Hurra, Fox News, Abu Dhabi TV, among others, and is a frequent contributor to U.S. and international radio programs.

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