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Sep 19

The China Challenge: How Europe and the United States Should Respond

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

China tends to be regarded very differently in the capitals of the United States and Europe. Countries like France and Germany, whose view of the world is Eurocentric, look upon China exclusively as an economic opportunity. Disturbingly, the British Labour government's recent inclination to agree with France and Germany on lifting the EU arms embargo suggests that the United Kingdom is falling into this trap. The U.S. view of China is far less benevolent. Given America's global perspective, Washington believes that China poses a considerable political and military threat that must be weighed fully against its economic potential.

British Conservative Party Foreign Affairs Spokesman Dr. Liam Fox is alarmed by Europe's myopia. During recent visits to the United States, he has emphasized the importance for Europe of recognizing that developments in China represent serious challenges. His views have resonated strongly here. In this speech, Dr. Fox will analyze China's political and economic policy, explain his concerns and outline the case for due caution in relations with China.

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Dr. Liam Fox, MP
Shadow Foreign Secretary,
Conservative Party,
United Kingdom

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