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Jun 14

American Public Diplomacy: Roadmap to Recovery

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

America's foreign communications has lacked effective leadership, coordination, and goals since the U.S Department of State absorbed the U.S. Information Agency in 1999. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, lawmakers and policymakers concluded that something must be done to bolster America's overseas communication capability. Despite a succession of Under Secretaries of State for Public Diplomacy and the establishment of new U.S.-funded broadcasting outlets to the Middle East, there is no chain of accountability and little coordination among federal agencies on foreign communications. Meanwhile, the Islamic world is in crisis about its identity and relationship to the United States. Only coordinated full-service public diplomacy and international broadcasting can promote the kind of exchanges and views that will kindle a democratic fire in the minds of foreign citizens.

More About the Speakers

Panel I: New Tools for Public Diplomacy

Alvin Felzenberg
Senior Director of Communications,
9/11 Public Discourse Project

Stephen Johnson
Senior Foreign Policy Analyst,
The Heritage Foundation

Lewis Manilow
Former Member,
U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Ken Ballen
President, Terror Free Tomorrow

Mark Helmke
Senior Professional Staff Member,
Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Helle Dale
Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies,
The Heritage Foundation

Panel II: Meeting the Challenge in the Middle East

Robert Satloff
Executive Director,
Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Hisham Melham
Bureau Chief, An-Nahar

Anthony Cordesman
Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy,
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Keith Reinhart
President, Business for Diplomatic Action

Patrick Cronin
Senior Vice President and Director of Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Hosted By

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D. Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.

Founder, Chairman of the Asian Studies Center, and Chung Ju-yung Fellow Read More