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Jun 09

Honoring Poland as a Vital Partner

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Join us in recognizing a leading "Coalition of the Willing" member nation … which has with courage, selflessness and valor … pursued the cause of international security and peace, promoted the rights of freedom and justice, and advanced the expansion of new liberty and restored prosperity in Iraq and the Middle East.

As one of the four leading countries in the "Coalition of the Willing," Poland has been present from the very beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom's major combat operations - efforts that successfully toppled one of the most brutal tyrants the world has known in the past 50 years. To those who know Poland best, this should be no surprise. Poland knows well what it means to suffer under oppression. The Polish people have demonstrated that they value freedom as something worth fighting for - even in a distant land. To this day, 2,600 Polish troops are bravely serving on the frontline in Iraq as Poland leads multinational stabilization and reconstruction efforts in Southern Iraq.

We are pleased to honor the Polish troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and hear from Ambassador Grudzinski about Poland's progress and prospects in the international arena.

More About the Speakers

His Excellency Przemyslaw Grudzinski
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland