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Jun 22

Economic Indicators, Electoral Effects: The Economy's Role in the Presidential Election

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

Unemployment … job creation … job "outsourcing"… a new-and-improved Misery Index … certainly the men-who-would-be-President for the next four years have tried to make the state of the economy a campaign issue. And why not? Common wisdom holds that elections turn on the economy. Will that hold true this year? And, if so, what exactly is the state of the economy? What economic indicators are the ones to watch? Which are most likely to boost - or burst - either candidate's campaign? Join us for a lively discussion of the nexus of economics and elections, featuring some of Washington's most influential economists and insightful reporters.

More About the Speakers

C. Eugene Steuerle
Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute

Douglas Holtz-Eakin
Director, Congressional Budget Office

William W. Beach
Director, Center for Data Analysis,
The Heritage Foundation

Edmund L. Andrews
Economics Correspondent,
The New York Times

Brian Mitchell
Bureau Chief, Investor's Business Daily

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Alison Acosta Fraser Alison Acosta Fraser

Senior Fellow and Director of Government Finance Programs Read More