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May 04

The Power of Ideas Around the World

Program 1: Templeton Freedom Award Grant Winners
(Watch Live)

Aurelio Concheso
El Centro de Divulgacion del Conocimiento Economico (CEDICE)
of Venezuela

Boris Begovic
Center for Liberal-Democratic Studies of Serbia

Ozlem Caglar Yilmaz
Association for Liberal Thinking of Turkey

Leon Louw
Free Market Foundation of South Africa

Martin Chren
F. A. Hayek Foundation of Slovakia

Program 2: Templeton Freedom Award Prize Winners 
(Watch Live)

Kris Mauren
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
of the United States

Carolina Bolivar
Instituto Cultural Ludwig von Mises of Mexico

Barun Mitra
Liberty Institute of India

Virginia Gentles
The Fraser Institute of Canada

Mana Shah
Centre for Civil Society of India

In the spring of 2004, our colleagues at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation launched the Templeton Freedom Awards Program as a means of creating virtuous competitions that will improve the effectiveness of think tanks; reward those making the greatest contributions and those with the most future promise; and provide them with positive publicity and funding to develop their visibility and expand their program activities.

Atlas also launched the Templeton Freedom Prizes for Excellence in Promoting Liberty to enhance and expand its existing efforts to help those who are changing the world for the better. These Prizes are granted in four areas - Free Market Solutions to Poverty; Ethics and Values; Social Entrepreneurship; and Student Outreach.

The Heritage Foundation was privileged to welcome five (out of fifteen) of the Templeton Freedom Award Grant Winners and five (out of eight) of the Templeton Freedom Award Prize Winners to our headquarters in Washington, D.C. on May 4, 2004. Featured in these program segments are five-minute presentations from our leading colleagues around the world on the work for which their institutes were honored. We share their belief in the power and consequences of ideas and we congratulate them on their special recognition.

To learn more about the Templeton Freedom Awards, visit the Atlas Economic Research Foundation web site at www.atlasusa.org.

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