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Jan 20

The $pree of The Union: Bush, Congress And Your Money

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In all the hoopla surrounding the State of the Union Address, don't forget a basic fact of life - money just doesn't grow on trees. Whether families of businessmen, laborers or managers, young or old - everyone makes spending decisions based upon this fundamental reality. Except, in Washington, D.C.

Recently, significant increases have pushed federal spending to its highest level since World War II. The new Medicare drug benefit and the likely passage of the pork-laden omnibus spending bill will expand government further. In the annual appropriations process, fiscal discipline and priority-setting have been replaced by a budget process that encourages special interest spending. No financial institution would extend credit to a household or business that adopted Congress's accounting slights-of-hand.

Courageously, however, some members of Congress, mindful of fiscal conservatism, are questioning this spending spree and the process that feeds it. Join us as for a State of the Union budget and spending briefing addressing not only these concerns, but also the leadership required to fuel real economic growth and assure our nation's future economic security.

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Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC)
U.S. House of Representatives

With Commentary from
Brian Riedl
Grove M. Hermann Fellow in Federal Budgetary Affairs,
The Heritage Foundation

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