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Jan 30

Effective Multilateralism: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

Location: Allison Auditorium

At the dawn of the 21st Century the United Nations has been derided by its critics as a glorified debating society, unwilling or unable to deal with the threat posed to international security by global terrorist networks and rogue states developing weapons of mass destruction. The failure of the United Nations to disarm the Iraqi dictatorship and enforce no less than 17 Security Council resolutions calling for Iraqi disarmament reinforced the perception that the UN was fast becoming an irrelevant force.

The UN's impotence over Iraq begs a series of important questions: Does the UN still have a major role to play on the world stage? Can the UN disarm North Korea and Iran? Is it in the interests of the United States and Great Britain to continue working through the UN and other multilateral institutions to advance their interests?

Join us as these and other questions will be addressed by two distinguished advisers to British Prime Minister Tony Blair: Sir David Manning, the new United Kingdom Ambassador to the United States, and Sir Emyr Jones Parry, the United Kingdom Ambassador to the United Nations. Both were key figures in shaping British policy over Iraq, and believe passionately that the UN, despite its failings, still has a vital role to play in mediating international disputes and ensuring global security.

More About the Speakers

Sir David Manning
United Kingdom Ambassador to the United States of America

Sir Emyr Jones Parry
United Kingdom Ambassador to the United Nations