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Dec 02

Funding Evil: How Terror is Financed and How to Stop It

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The tentacles of terrorism have reached deep into America, threatening to make Osama bin Laden's dream of destroying the American economy a reality. As the United States spends billions upon billions more towards trying to fend off another 9/11-type attack, terrorist groups grow wealthier, and thus more capable of financing large-scale missions of murder and mayhem.

Funding Evil, by terrorism expert Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D., uncovers the clandestine and sinister ways that Islamic terrorist groups finance their global network. From innocent-looking American businesses that serve as fronts for terrorism to joint efforts with established groups in organized crime, terrorists have grown increasingly savvy in ways to bolster their financial power. Dr. Ehrenfeld's investigation also details how these undetected billions are spent to methodically bring about chaos and destabilization in American society.

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featuring author Rachel Ehrenfeld

Special introductory remarks by
The Honorable R. James Woolsey
former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency