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Nov 05

Dangerous Diplomacy

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

It's ironic to think that one of the most subversive, anti-American forces in the war on terrorism is the institution that is the mastermind of much of America's foreign policy and strategy, the State Department. In Dangerous Diplomacy, Joel Mowbray shows exactly how this is the case, revealing shocking information on State's shortsightedness, poor judgment, and resistance to change and how these shortcomings have compromised national security and American lives time and time again.

Using in-depth, comprehensive interviews with State Department personnel and looking closely at State's recent history and publications, Mowbray reveals: State's Herculean efforts to cover up the lax visa policies that allowed the September 11 hijackers to enter the U.S. legally - while keeping these policies in place as long as possible; State's arms-for-tyrants program - and how it very nearly succeeded in providing Saddam Hussein's Iraq with nuclear capability; and the State/Saudi alliance - Why State bends over backwards to keep the Saudis happy despite the kingdom's clear support for global terrorism and much more...

Mowbray documents a State Department in dire need of reform - revealing here for the first time just how far State has strayed from its intended role as the primary agent of U.S. interests abroad.

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