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Sep 11

Adjusting the Picture: Media Concentration or Diversity?

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The FCC sparked a firestorm of controversy this summer when it voted to relax its decades-old restrictions on broadcast station ownership. Critics charged that the move would lead the way to "media monopolies," and are pressing for congressional action to overturn the FCC. But is America's media really concentrated? Or has technology instead been increasing choices in news and entertainment? Please join us on September 11 as broad-ranging panel of experts discusses this timely issue.

More About the Speakers

Robert Okun
Vice President
NBC Washington
Chris Core
Host, "Chris Core Show"
Benjamin Compaine
Research Consultant
MIT Program on Internet and Telecoms Convergence

Hosted By

James L. Gattuso James L. Gattuso

Senior Research Fellow in Regulatory Policy Read More