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Jul 10

Regaining America's Voice Overseas

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Through a combination of neglect and a mistaken belief that America's foreign policy challenges ended with the Cold War, the United States government gradually lost touch in communicating with foreign publics. To recover this capability, America's public diplomacy must be strengthened and U.S. international broadcasting-so effective in providing hope to captive audiences in Eastern Europe, Russia, and China-should be streamlined and better managed. Two panels of experts tell how public diplomacy and foreign broadcasting can be revitalized and better focused.

More About the Speakers

Senator Chuck Hagel
Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations
International Economic Policy, Export, and Trade Promotion Subcommittee

Joshua Muravchik
Resident Scholar
American Enterprise Institute
William H. Maurer, Jr.
Former Southeast Asia Area Director
United States Information Agency
Hon. William Rugh
President and CEO
Amideast, Inc.
Dr. Sherry L. Mueller
National Council for International Visitors
Alan Heil
Former Assistant Director
Voice of America
Dr. Rhonda S. Zaharna (Invited)
Assistant Professor of Public Communication American University
Karin Deutsch Karlekar
Senior Researcher, Press Freedom Coordinator
Freedom House
Mark Helmke
Senior Professional Staff Member
Senate Foreign Relations Committee