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Jul 24

Post-Conflict and Peacekeeping:  When Should the U.S. Participate?

**Note: This event does not take place at the Heritage Foundation

Hall of the States Room 333
444 N. Capitol St. NW | Washington DC, 20001 | (202) 624-8570

The United States has hundreds of thousands of troops currently undertaking dangerous operation around the world, including everything from high intensity combat to peacekeeping missions. And there are many more committed to alliance and other on-going obligations. Now the Bush Administration is considering sending more troops to Liberia to restore order in that turbulent West African nation, where a protracted civil war has nearly destabilized the region. Is now a good time to be committing more troops to an effort that has no compelling national security implications? It is clear that the United States has a role in military interventions around the world, but when are such interventions legitimate? When, if ever, is it appropriate for the United States to participate in peacekeeping operations? Please join us on Thursday, July 24 as the featured panelists provide their assessments of America's role in future peacekeeping and post-conflict operations.

More About the Speakers

Dr. Conrad Crane
Director, Military History Institute
U.S. Army War College
Mr. Doug Bandow
Senior Fellow, CATO Institute
Dr. James Jay Carafano
Research Fellow, Homeland Security and Defense
The Heritage Foundation

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Jack Spencer Jack Spencer

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