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Jun 23

The Dark Side of Liberalism

The Heritage Foundation's Van Andel Center

The explosive, "from the frontlines" guidebook for American conservatives, Dark Side offers a fresh look at America's big issues, devoting a chapter to each of our most controversial and frustrating concerns. Dark Side describes the 'liberal line,' shares the good news about conservative success, and outlines effective techniques for fighting back in the courts, the media, and in our communities. Kent's story is a front-line account of the real battle for the hearts and souls of Americans caught between the influence of the liberal elites and the timeless truth that liberty is essential to human dignity and justice.

"We are reminded that conservative values can carry the day, whether in the courts of law or the court of public opinion. The Dark Side of Liberalism powerfully reveals the truth behind the beguiling facade of liberalism's worldview."
- Kenneth Starr, former Independent Counsel

"The Dark Side of Liberalism takes the fight to the enemy - and does so in a way that reminds many Americans that they agree with conservatives more often than not. That's the way and the strength of Phil Kent."
- Pat Buchanan, author and former presidential candidate

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