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Jun 17

Faith Beyond Belief: A Journey to Freedom

The Heritage Foundation's Van Andel Center

Faith Beyond Belief is a captivating testimony of personal faith by the senior allied prisoner of the Gulf War. This dramatic recollection puts you in his F-15E cockpit at shootdown, in the Iraqi desert evading the enemy, and in the cells of Baghdad. Together, you walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and along his journey to freedom.

By real example it profoundly reflects the importance of faith and focus in life. No one has explained more intensely the experience of being hit by an exploding enemy missile, the agony of capture, and the dismal isolation and starvation in Saddam's grasp. The uplifting message under these unimaginable conditions holds promise for those who feel perplexed by life's challenges.

This book is for believers and non-believers, for young and old, and for all who may ever doubt their own inner strength or who may be unfamiliar with the inner courage and comfort that illuminate from God's promise to care for you.

Col. (Ret) David Eberly is a native of Brazil, Indiana, and entered the Air Force upon graduation from Indiana University in 1969. After earning his pilot wings at Columbus AFB, Mississippi, he served three tours at the Pentagon and in Ottawa, Canada, where he was the United States Defense Representative in the American Embassy. As an airman, he has flown over 3400 hours with tours in fighter squadrons in the Philippines, Germany, Southwest Asia, and the United States.

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