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May 08

President Bush's Health Care Plan

***NOTE: This event takes place at the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2175. It will not be at The Heritage Foundation.

Next month, the House and Senate will begin considering the President's proposal to give seniors new options in Medicare. These new options would introduce competition and consumer-choice to a revered, but troubled federal program. Medicare is burdened by price controls and crushing paperwork, driven by more than 110,000 pages of rules and regulations with government officials deciding what products and services seniors can have and how much Medicare will pay. Increasing numbers of physicians report that they will no longer accept new Medicare patients.

The President's proposal, announced on March 3rd, would provide seniors with the same sorts of choices of private health plans that Members of Congress and federal employees already have.

The Heritage Foundation is pleased that the President's senior health care advisor, Doug Badger, as well as the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, Kay James, who manages this federal health program, is able to join us to provide a fuller understanding of this new policy proposal, and the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHBP).

More About the Speakers

Doug Badger
Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy,
The White House
Director Kay James
Office of Personnel Management

with comments from
Bob Moffit
Director of Domestic Policy Studies,
The Heritage Foundation

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