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Apr 02

Heritage Event: Deployment of U.S. Forces in Europe

The Heritage Foundation's Van Andel Center

Since the end of the Cold War almost thirteen years ago, the zones of instability have shifted eastward to Asia and the Middle East, where hotbeds of terrorist activity and fanaticism are emerging. Yet the United States continues to rely on a European basing structure designed to confront the old Soviet threat. The United States still maintains the bulk of its European troop presence in Germany even though countries in Eastern and Southern Europe may be more appropriate to the modern security environment. Join us on April 2, 2003 for a half-day conference that will discuss the political and strategic considerations of changing America's European base structure.

More About the Speakers

Political Considerations for U.S. Force Redeployment in Europe
(9:00am - 10:15am)
Ms. Kori Schake
Director, Defense Policy and Arms Control
National Security Council
Mr. Bruce P. Jackson
Project on Transitional Democracies
Dr. Nikolas K. Gvosdev
Executive Editor
The National Interest

Military and Strategic Considerations for U.S. Force Redeployment in Europe
(10:15am - 11:30am)
Major General William L. Nash (USA Ret.)
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Preventive Action
Council on Foreign Relations
Dr. Daniel Goure
Vice President
Lexington Institute
Colonel Richard Dunn (USA Ret.)
Senior Analyst, Northrop Grumman Analysis Center

Keynote address at 11:30 am by
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R- TX)
United States Senate

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Larry M. Wortzel, Ph.D. Larry M. Wortzel, Ph.D.

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