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Feb 24

Heritage Event: The Bush Presidency at Midterm: An Assessment

Cannon House Office Building, Room 311
: this event does NOT take place at The Heritage Foundation.
It will NOT be broadcast LIVE on the Internet.

In late 1999, The Heritage Foundation launched a project to define the keys to a successful presidency, focusing on what to do and avoid in a presidential administration. Half way into a new administration-after the initial transition, the first policy lessons and midterm elections, not to mention September 11 and the opening battles of the war on terrorism-how is the new president doing? What are the early assessments of the Bush presidency? How does this presidency rate-style, process, policy and leadership-in the historical and political context of the twentieth century? With war likely and budget negotiations ahead, The Heritage Foundation asked four prominent president watchers for their observations, assessments and predictions.

More About the Speakers

Michael Barone
US News and World Report
Fred Barnes
The Weekly Standard
Carl Cannon
National Journal
James Pfiffner 
George Mason University

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Al Felzenberg Al Felzenberg

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