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Feb 26

DEFUSING A FUTURE CRISIS: US Policy to Stop Russian Nuclear Proliferation to Iran And Syria

The Heritage Foundation's Van Andel Center

As Iran and Syria actively pursue their nuclear weapons programs, the U.S. and Russia must work together to terminate further export of Russian nuclear technology to these rogue states. Both countries are state sponsors of terrorism, which would pose an even greater threat if armed with nuclear weapons. While President Putin is a strategic partner of the U.S. in the war on terrorism, the Russian nuclear energy ministry (MINATOM) continues to export nuclear dual-use technology. Action must be taken to avoid destabilization of the US-Russian relations, to prevent militarization of the Iranian nuclear program, and prevent the potential sale of a nuclear reactor to Syria.

More About the Speakers

Ariel Cohen
Research Fellow Russian and Eurasian Studies, The Heritage Foundation
Michael Eisenstadt
Senior Fellow, The Washington Institute
Leonard Spector
Executive Director, WashingtonOffice, Center for Non-Proliferation Studies,
The Monterey Institute

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