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Dec 04

The Last Jihad featuring Joel Rosenberg

Looming over the raging debate over the future of Iraq is a worst case scenario almost too horrible to contemplate: What if Saddam Hussein goes nuclear?

A hijacked Gulfstream IV business jet, packed with thousands of pounds of fuel and explosives attacks the presidential motorcade outside of Denver. The President narrowly escapes with his life, but the CIA quickly traces the attacks back to Baghdad. With war in the Middle East imminent, a Wall Street strategist turned senior White House aide finds himself at the epicenter of a nuclear showdown between the U.S. and Saddam Hussein….

The Last Jihad lays out a post-9/11 scenario for confronting terrorism and terrorist regimes. It is the first political thriller that takes readers behind-the-scenes of a crisis between the U.S. and Iraq over weapons of mass destruction, the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, and the catastrophic dangers of waiting too long to disarm Iraq and bring about "regime change."

"Rosenberg nails it - a provocative, conservative political thriller that reads like a major Hollywood blockbuster. In the spirit of Tom Clancy's SUM OF ALL FEARS, Rosenberg's THE LAST JIHAD absolutely crackles with high energy and a chilling premise -- what if the war on terror goes nuclear?"

- Rush Limbaugh

Heritage alumnus Joel C. Rosenberg is a writer and communications strategist who has worked with some of the world's most influential leaders in business, politics and media, including Steve Forbes, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, Natan Sharansky and Benjamin Netanyahu. Today, he is president of November Communications, Inc., "helping leaders discover, develop, and deliver their message" at home and around the globe. He is also a political columnist for WORLD, the nation's leading conservative weekly magazine with more than 140,000 paid subscribers.

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