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Dec 13

Are All Politics Local In Taiwan? December 7 Mayoral Elections and implications for national identity

The December 7 mayoral elections in Taiwan's two largest cities test former House Speaker Tip O'Neill's dictum that "all politics are local." While the incumbents stress local issues, challengers -- especially in Taipei -- saw the races in broad terms of "National Identity." Challengers cast aspersions upon the patriotism of the incumbents. President Chen Shui-bian and former President Lee Teng-hui, campaigning on behalf of Taiwan-born Dr. Y.Y. Lee to oust Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou, wonder about Ma's Hong Kong roots. Mayor Ma stumps feverishly among ethnic Hakka voters. Polls show ethnic Mainlanders giving Ma 81% of their support as do nearly half of Taiwanese voters. Clearly, the ethnic factor exists, but is far stronger in some groups than in others. In the end, can the Taipei election be seen as a referendum on national identity or do local issues dominate? Join Taiwan's most astute politicians and professors to discuss Taiwan's quest for identity after the December vote.

More About the Speakers

Hon. Chi-mai Chen
Legislator, Legislative Yuan
Dr. Ying-lung You
Deputy Secretary,
Democratic Progressive Party
Mr. Chi-yuan Tsai
Research Fellow, Academia Sinica
Mr. I-Shin Chen
Professor, Institute of American Studies, National Tamkang University
Mr. Horng-Shung Liao
Research Fellow,
Taiwan Research Institute

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