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Nov 12

Reforming Congress for a Safer Homeland: The Need for Congressional Committee Reorganization

The Heritage Foundation's  Van Andel Center

As part of the war on terrorism, Congress is poised to create a Department of Homeland Security. But is it prepared to recreate itself? Currently the House and Senate boast 88 committees and subcommittees with oversight responsibilities over at least some piece of the homeland security pie. Ten of the 13 Appropriations Committees also claim jurisdiction over homeland security expenditures. To eliminate the waste, inefficiency and confusion inherent in this situation, Rep. Jim Ryun (R-KS) has offered House Resolution 481 to create a standing Committee on Homeland Security in the House of Representatives. Is such a move practical, or would it step on too many congressional toes? And what are the procedural roadblocks that must be cleared to arrive at this type of reorganization? Please join us for a lecture by Rep. Ryun, followed by a panel discussion, on the effort to build a Congress that can effectively follow through on its homeland security responsibilities.

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Representative Jim Ryun (R-KS)

Chuck McCutcheon
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