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Nov 04

An Unlikely Conservative featuring Linda Chavez

The Heritage Foundation's Van Andel Center

An Unlikely Conservative:
The Transformation of an Ex-Liberal
(Or How I Became the Most Hated Hispanic in America)

On January 2, 2001, President George W. Bush told Linda Chavez that she had been selected as his Labor Secretary nominee. Her confirmation wouldn't be easy, Bush said, but "I want you to know I'm going to stick with you. I'm going to fight for you." In turn, Chavez promised him she wouldn't give up, no matter how difficult the confirmation process became. "Within a week we would both break our promises," Chavez writes in her new memoir.

Linda Chavez is President of the Center for Equal Opportunity, a non-profit public policy research organization in Washington, DC. She also writes a weekly syndicated column that appears in newspapers across the country, and is a political analyst for FOX News Channel.

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Linda Chavez
President of the Center for Equal Opportunity

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