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Oct 03

Jiang Zemin at the Crawford Summit

Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin is now set for a Summit Meeting with President Bush at Crawford, Texas in October. The Sixteenth Party Congress will likely now be held after Jiang's visit to the U.S. Uncertainties abound regarding Jiang Zemin's willingness to hand over the Party reins to heir-apparent Hu Jintao, potential factional rifts within the Communist Party, and influence of the People's Liberation Army in the event that Jiang is successful in extending to a third term as General Secretary.  Of course, the conventional wisdom is that he will step down as China's President.  But Jiang's supporters in Shanghai want the Chinese Constitution changed (for a sixth time) to permit Jiang a third presidential term.  And there are even rumors Jiang wants to promote himself to Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.  Jiang's continuation in power raises questions about the direction of China's economic and political reforms and the vitality of its leadership. Will Jiang prove a Magnificent Mandarin or a Peking Lame Duck?  What impact will China's leadership succession have on U.S.-China relations?   Join some of America's top experts on China's politics and diplomacy for a discussion of the Bush-Jiang Summit at Crawford and future Chinese political developments.

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Dr. Joseph Fewsmith
Boston University
Dr. Carol Hamrin
George Mason University
Dr. Cheng Li
Woodrow Wilson Center
Mr. John J. Tkacik, Jr.
The Heritage Foundation

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