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Sep 25

The Future of a Post-Saddam Iraq: A Blueprint for American Involvement

These two Panels will address the growing need for a definitive plan for the future of Iraq. Once the current regime is eliminated, the country will need a durable, self-sustaining, legitimate government. This is essential to prevent the re-emergence of tyrannical regimes, terrorist support, or rogue operations directed against the United States and democracy worldwide.

More About the Speakers

Military Involvement and Allied Support
Victor D. Hanson
California State University, Fresno
John O'Sullivan
United Press International
David Rivkin
Baker & Hostetler, LLP
Moderated by
Baker Spring
The Heritage Foundation

Government Reconstruction
Ahmed Chalabi
Iraqi National Congress
Marc Gerecht
American Enterprise Institute
John Hulsman
The Heritage Foundation
Moderated by
James Phillips
The Heritage Foundation

Economic Reconstruction 
Patrick Clawson
The Washington Institute
Daniel Yergin
Cambridge Energy Associates
Ariel Cohen
The Heritage Foundation
Moderated By
Jerry O'Driscoll
The Heritage Foundation

Lunchtime Presentation by The Heritage Foundation's Threat Assessment Specialist Dexter Ingram on Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction

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