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What Jim DeMint's arrival at The Heritage Foundation means for you and the conservative cause

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In April, former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) will succeed Ed Feulner as President of The Heritage Foundation. Feulner has served as Heritage's president for more than three decades.

DeMint is a principled conservative who worked closely with Heritage during his 14 years of service in Congress. He even credits Heritage with getting him first interested in politics when he was running a small business.

DeMint has spent most of his life as an entrepreneur, building and running his own research and marketing firm. He will bring this experience to Heritage as he seeks to strengthen and revive the conservative movement.
Since he resigned from the Senate in January, DeMint has served as Heritage's president-elect. He is spending the transition period learning about Heritage's four-decade history of policy innovation, meeting conservative leaders and Heritage members across the nation, and plotting the next steps in helping to lead the conservative movement.

Heritage's plan to strengthen and revive the conservative movement

Both in the Senate and now as Heritage president-elect, DeMint has focused both on core conservative principles and on developing effective strategies to promote those principles to the American people.

To win in the future, conservatives don't need new principles, DeMint says. Time and again, Americans have shown openness to conservative ideas on major issues like taxes, the role of government, and the importance of free enterprise. Yet conservatives must do better in connecting our policies and principles with how they improve the lives of American families.

Drawing on his experience as a market researcher and conservative leader, DeMint writes in the Washington Post that:

Conservative policies have proved their worth time and time again. If we're not communicating in a way that makes that clear, we are doing a disservice to our fellow citizens. Jim DeMint, Conservative ideas need a new message, The Washington Post

Reaching all Americans with conservatives' 'bold, positive ideas'

Speaking to Heritage members in New York, Jim DeMint said conservatives should continue to push for "bold, positive ideas" based on timeless, American, conservative principles.

This means showing the American people that our principles work at all levels of government. States have not only served as sources of innovative new ideas -- as in Wisconsin under Scott Walker -- but they are also where most decisions ought to be made in our constitutional republic.

Too often, Washington politicians act based on what's popular, not what's right. But local politicians often have the ability to take bolder stands.

States like Wisconsin, Texas, and Michigan have shown our ideas can make a real difference for Americans. If we can demonstrate the effectiveness of conservative government at the state level, that can help us rejuvenate our movement nationally.

Connecting with grassroots conservatives and Heritage supporters

As a conservative, Jim DeMint knows the best ideas come from outside the Beltway. And as a marketer, he knows conservatives have to connect with the American people.

That's why he is making it a priority to meet with grassroots Americans from all across the country.

Since joining Heritage in January, Jim DeMint has already crisscrossed America to meet with conservative Americans, including Heritage Foundation members. He plans to continue this outreach with new events throughout the year. He will talk about the principles America needs to get back on track and his vision to put these principles in place.

Watch a video about the just completed the Presidents' Tour:

How you can join with Heritage and Jim DeMint during this watershed moment for conservatives

In the coming months, Jim DeMint and Heritage will be working on new ways to inspire the American people and revive the conservative movement. 

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