Matt Streit


As vice president of Strategic Communications, Matthew Streit is responsible for leading the marketing, creative and strategic communications teams and activities.  In this capacity, he drives the development, execution and assessment of public information and education campaigns addressing critical policy choices before Congress. 

Streit previously served as director of Strategic Communications, where he led The Heritage Foundation’s communications and marketing operations in support of the organization’s public policy objectives.

Prior to that he served as director of Broadcast Services, where he managed communications with radio and television producers, reporters and hosts across the nation and around the globe.  He also coordinated broadcast coverage of the think tank’s major events and oversaw operations at Heritage’s radio and television studios on Capitol Hill.

Streit joined Heritage in February 2006 as a senior media associate, handling media relations with national, state and local news outlets.  Upon his promotion to assistant director of Media Services, he began concentrating on working with broadcast and cable news media, dramatically increasing the presence of Heritage’s policy experts on national and international airwaves. 

Before coming to Heritage, Streit worked on Capitol Hill as deputy communications director for the House Committee on Resources. He served as spokesman for the committee’s chairman and developed communications plans for its policy issues. Collaborating with senior staff, he helped promote energy policies that would encourage economic growth and environmental stewardship.

A native of Wooster, Ohio, Streit received a bachelor's degree in political science in 2001 from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He also holds a bachelor's degree in theology.

Streit currently resides with his family in Washington's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

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