John Edward Hilboldt


John Edward Hilboldt oversees The Heritage’s Foundation’s Lectures and Seminars Program, which annually hosts more than 170 public events at Heritage headquarters on Capitol Hill.

These programs are almost daily and varied. They range from Heritage analysts and other experts presenting their latest research to authors talking about their latest books to speeches by foreign dignitaries and high-level members of the federal government – including members of Congress and Cabinet secretaries. These events are periodically broadcast on C-SPAN and other cable news networks, and Hilboldt is often seen emceeing these programs as well as introducing the main speakers.

Before becoming Director of Lectures and Seminars, Hilboldt served for four years as Deputy Director of Heritage’s Coalition Relations department, which communicates the think tank’s research to other conservative groups in America and around the world. While there, he edited two issues of the Policy Experts guide and its accompanying Web directory as well as coordinating other outreach endeavors.

Prior to joining Heritage in 1999, Hilboldt was Administrator for the Church of Christ in Falls Church, Va. Previously, he was Director of the White House Gift Unit, a position he held through the first year of the George H. W. Bush Administration and most of the Reagan Administration. He also served in the Reagan Administration as an Assistant Director of Presidential Personnel and an Assistant for Special Projects in the Office of Cabinet Affairs.

Before coming to the Washington area, he served as Director of Belle Meade Mansion, an historic, antebellum house museum in Nashville, Tenn. He was also a charter founder and officer of the Tennessee Conservative Union.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he earned his bachelor’s degree cum laude in a double-major of political science and history.

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