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Models and Data

  • China Global Investment Tracker
    China's role in the global financial arena is becoming increasingly important to the United States and the worldwide community. The China Global Investment Tracker created by The Heritage Foundation is the only available comprehensive dataset relating to large Chinese foreign investments and construction contracts in all areas of the world
  • Center for Data Analysis Database Binder
    Gathered in the following pages are summaries of 60 databases and six computer models maintained by The Heritage Foundation's Center for Data Analysis (CDA) that are generally available to members of the print and broadcast media. These databases are based on publicly available data and are routinely used by analysts at The Heritage Foundation and other think tanks, academic social scientists, government officials, journalists and others to assess the effectiveness of government programs and measure the impact of proposed changes in programs, as well as to analyze the U.S. and international economies.
  • Description of the Global Insight Short-Term US Macroeconomic Model
    The Global Insight (GI) short-term US macroeconomic model is a large-scale 10-year (44-quarter) macroeconometric model of the US economy. It is used primarily for commercial forecasting. However, over the years, analysts in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA) have worked with economists at Global Insight to adapt the GI model to do policy analysis.
  • Federal Revenue and Spending Chartbook
    A graphical presentation of the historical budget, revenues and expenditures.