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The Washington Roundtable For The Asia-Pacific Press (Wrapp)


Nick Zahn, Director and Asia Communications Associate
(202) 608-6150 | Nick.Zahn@heritage.org

The Washington Roundtable for the Asia-Pacific Press (WRAPP) is the largest organization of Asian media in the United States. It is currently affiliated with The Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center. WRAPP's purpose is to provide Asian journalists greater access to "Inside the Beltway" policy-makers.

Since its inception in 1994, WRAPP has sponsored monthly news briefings tailored to the needs of Asian journalists. Roundtable sessions have included speakers such as Rep. Benjamin Gilman (R-NY), Chairman of the House International Relations Committee, Rep. Doug Bereuter (R-NB), Chairman of the House Asia-Pacific Subcommittee, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Kurt Campbell. Personalities such as Washington Post syndicated columnist David Broder have also been featured in the Roundtable's "on-the-record" briefings.

WRAPP membership includes nearly all Washington correspondents from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, and other countries in the region. Also among the Roundtable's 400 members are U.S.-based print and broadcast media - as well as international wire services and news agencies whose Washington bureaus cover Asia-Pacific diplomacy, trade, and security.