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Graduate Fellow, Health Policy

The Graduate Health Policy Fellowship


The Center for Health Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce a fellowship opportunity available to graduate students currently pursuing studies in a variety of disciplines, including health policy, public policy, medicine, economics, statistics, business, and other policy-related fields.  The program is designed to help graduate students launch a career in shaping a health policy guided by conservative principles.

The Fellowship

Many public policy students obtain little practical experience in the field during their undergraduate and graduate years and do not consider public policy as a career option. The Heritage Foundation’s Fellowship program, offered by the nation’s leading conservative public policy research foundation, is designed to provide a select number of participants with a hands-on introduction to public policy work, including the opportunity to meet and work with experts in the field.


Mentored by senior research analysts at The Heritage Foundation, selected Fellows will work on one or more projects.  These will be agreed upon with the Director prior to the fellowship and must be compatible with the work and goals of the Foundation.  These projects will complement graduate work or other studies participants undertake through their universities.  The projects typically will include research and writing, including writing that may be published by The Heritage Foundation, provided the writing meets the Foundation’s standards and is relevant to its planned publications.  Additionally, participants will interact with congressional leaders, senior civil servants, and former Heritage Fellows who have successfully shaped health policy.


The Fellow will report to the Director for the Center for Health Policy Studies in the Foundation’s Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity.  The Fellow will have the title “Graduate Fellow.” 


Where:  The Graduate Fellow will work full-time in the offices of The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.  The Graduate Fellow is responsible for his/her own living arrangements


When:  The fellowship is a semester based, 12-week program.  Start and end dates are determined with The Center for Health Policy Studies


Compensation:  This is a paid fellowship; it is a temporary position that does not include employee benefits such as health benefits



  • Enrolled in, or recently completed, a graduate program in health policy, public policy, medicine, economics, statistics, business, or other policy-related field
  • Excellence in quantitative analysis and statistical methods, evidenced by graduate-level statistics and methods courses
  • Interest in The Center for Health Policy Studies mission (i.e., entitlement program reform, tax treatment of health care, state health care reform)



To apply for the fellowship, please mail or e-mail:

  • Cover letter explaining why this career track program is of interest and why you would be a preferred candidate
  • Resume
  • List of public policy or health-care related courses completed
  • Letter of recommendation related to this type of program
  • A short essay (up to 1,500 words) on the health-care policy change you would work to bring about if in a political office today
  • List of favorite health care policy areas (highest interest first)


Questions and application materials should be forwarded to:


Leslie Merkle

The Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity

The Heritage Foundation

214 Massachusetts Avenue NE

Washington, D.C. 20002

e-mail:  leslie.merkle@heritage.org


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