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Research Editor and Paper Production Specialist

The Heritage Foundation’s mission is “to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.” Based on those principles, the main objectives of the Foundation’s Research Group are to limit the size, scope, cost, and intrusiveness of government; expand individual freedom in a context of ordered liberty; facilitate economic growth through free markets; advance traditional American values; and strengthen national defense capabilities. Within the Group, and consistent with the mission and those objectives, the Research Editing team, in a responsive and timely fashion, edits, generates graphics for, and proofreads research products; assists in maintaining Heritage branding, style, and professional standards; maintains documentation and workflow records; and performs other editing functions. The primary responsibilities of the Research Editor and Paper Production Specialist are: (1) to lay out Heritage research papers (2) to ensure that Heritage papers, blogs, and other research products are edited in a timely fashion, paying close attention to the organization, language, and policy recommendations to ensure they conform to Heritage standards, style, and mission; (3) to ensure, by working closely with the author(s), that the vice president’s and director’s instructions for the paper are fully incorporated.


Job Duties:

  • Work in a Mac-based environment to format policy papers.
  • Editing of approved drafts per Heritage style and mission; critiquing sources and citations and noting when further documentation is needed or preferable; suggesting other ways to present material or other information that should be included to aid the reader; reformatting text per requirements of layout style; and suggesting, reviewing, and approving content of graphics.
  • Export InDesign files to PDF, HTML, or XML to prepare for posting to the web.
  • Posting papers and blog posts on Heritage Web sites.
  • Work with Creative to maintain standards of quality, legibility, and aesthetics in Heritage research products.

  • Job Type: 

  • Education:

    Bachelor’s degree in English or other appropriate discipline.
  • Experience:

    1–2 years of formal editing experience; a strong understanding of conservative issues and policies; knowledge of page layout and typography.
  • Skills:

    • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, and the department’s goals and objectives.
    • Communication:
    • Mastery of English language and composition.
    • Computer Skills:
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Word; Internet-based researching skills; knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat) and HTML and XML editing a plus.
    • Other:
    • Prior experience editing according to the Chicago Manual of Style; familiarity with Heritage; an understanding of the difference between academic writing and policy papers.