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Personnel Specialist

The Personnel Specialist is responsible for developing and updating department computerized record keeping systems, designing reports and data files for internal uses and vendor data sharing, preparing employee benefit plan brochures and materials, creating annual employee benefit statements, and updating intranet records for employee recognition programs. Make effective use of database records for workforce management and analysis. Renew and update liability insurance coverage and coordinate visa and green card applications.

Job Duties:

  • Develop and update Access database reports for departmental and organizational use, including annual salary review forms and summaries, departmental goal reports, payroll processing reports, etc.
  • Prepare mid-year and annual management review packets with each department’s goals and actual results.
  • Maintain “live” org charts for all departments with each employee’s name and title, and prepare annual salary budget charts with salaries and related budget information.
  • Develop workforce reports showing historical headcounts by department and job group.
  • Prepare the annual Form 990 compensation report.
  • Prepare the career development program materials for annual salary reviews.

  • Job Type: 

  • Education:

    Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience:

    2 - 4 years of related experience
  • Skills:

    • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, and the department’s goals and objectives. Discretion and ability to maintain confidentiality. Excellent customer service skills. Dependable and resourceful. Strong attention to details. Exercise sound judgment.