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Investigative Reporter for The Foundry

The investigative reporter is responsible for uncovering and breaking news on key policy issues for The Foundry, the multimedia news organization of The Heritage Foundation. The reporter will produce compelling stories that reach key audiences on Capitol Hill, targeted segments of the American public, and influencers in the media.


Job Duties:

  • Work with the news director to identify consequential story ideas and execute them for impact, to position The Foundry as the leading source of news on key policy issues.

  • Think creatively about how to pitch and develop news content to drive, not simply reflect, key policy debates on issues essential to creating a better life for Americans.

  • Produce news copy on deadline, sometimes multiple times per day, without compromising accuracy or credibility.

  • Cultivate sources in congressional offices and government agencies as well as within Heritage to break news, cover it with authority, and beat the competition.

  • Research and report personal stories that enhance The Foundry’s ability to communicate complex policy issues through the life experiences of typical Americans.

  • Adhere to journalism ethics by always seeking the truth and striving for fair, honest, and thorough reporting of events, issues, and players.

  • Build cooperative relationships within the Strategic Communications Group and with members of policy research and other in-house teams to maximize potential of reporting.

  • Attend the daily editorial meeting.

  • Assist in creating graphics, photos, and videos to enhance and expand news content.

  • Participate in online video chats as well as radio and television interviews.

  • Maintain a strong social media following and positive relationships with bloggers and media, encouraging them to read and share Foundry content.

  • Represent the news organization and Heritage at appropriate media conferences and functions.

  • Job Type: 

  • Education:

    Bachelor's degree.
  • Experience:

    Three to five years of relevant journalism experience.
  • Skills:

    • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America and the team’s goals and objectives.
    • Desire to communicate policy ideas with passion and precision.
    • Ability to handle multiple projects, prioritize them and deliver first-rate work.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills with an eye for detail; command of spelling and grammar.