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Director for The Center for Data Analysis

 The Heritage Foundation's mission is "to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense."  Based on those principles, the main objectives of the Center for Data Analysis are to provide empirical research services to Heritage and to help build, through empirical and other research, publication, and other activities, the intellectual foundation for Heritage conservative public policies.  Consistent with the mission and those objectives, the Director of the Center for Data Analysis leads the Center, with particular emphasis on achieving the Heritage long term and annual objectives established by the Heritage leadership.

 Job Duties:

  • In support of the Heritage mission, supervise the Center and engage in the Center's: (1) professional empirical and other research, analysis, and writing for publication; (2) organization of meetings and events; and (3) representation of Heritage in many settings, including conferences, public events, and legislative hearings and meetings. 

  • Work with others across Heritage and in other organizations, including Heritage Action for America, to achieve Heritage objectives. 

  • Communicate effectively with staff of Heritage, Heritage Action for America, and other organizations, the public, news media, and, as appropriate, Federal, State, local and foreign officials.  

  • Develop, for approval, resource budgets and plans; attract, retain, appraise the performance of, and develop employees of superior expertise, judgment, communication abilities, and effectiveness; and apply effectively the assigned personnel, property, and funds.   

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Vice President for the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity.

  • Job Type: 

  • Education:

    Graduate degree required; Ph.D. strongly preferred.
  • Experience:

    Knowledge of statistics, economics, computer modeling, and public policy, with a record demonstrating capability for top-quality publication and ten or so years of relevant experience. Previous management experience strongly preferred.
  • Skills:

    • Understands and supports the Heritage mission.
    • Produces top-quality research, analysis, writing, and publication, with emphasis on accuracy, insightfulness, persuasiveness, and timeliness.
    • Communicates and advocates effectively orally and in writing, in a variety of settings, including public speaking and mass media appearances.
    • Initiates activities and research, within mission and established policies, to achieve assigned objectives.