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Audio Visual Specialist

The Audio/Visual Specialist position is responsible for day-to-day coordination, setup, configuration and maintenance of all Heritage Foundation meetings, events and special projects that require the use of audio/visual systems and equipment. Annually, Heritage hosts over 500 large-scale or high-impact auditorium events and conferences, plus an additional 1,500 meetings with routine AV set-ups. The AV Support Specialist will strive for flawless execution at Heritage-wide events using the highest production standards and ensuring consistency across all of our event platforms. This position will also be responsible for the recording and production of high-quality digital media in a timely manner for communications, marketing, and fundraising channels to advance organization-wide objectives.

Job Duties:

  • Manage all AV services for public and non-public events taking place in Heritage auditoriums; operate sound board, lighting board, multiple-camera video production and recording, webcasting/live streaming, and support speaker(s) presentation needs.
  • Coordinate AV services for third-party media outlets during events, including set-up and feeds and for live broadcasting, video and audio recordings, and audio feeds for print reporters. 
  • Create high-quality recordings of programming originating in Heritage auditoriums; make the digital media available in a timely manner via Heritage communications channels. 
  • Responsible for AV support services for all Heritage conference rooms; manage and set up video and voice conferencing equipment, laptops, projectors, and TV screens. Respond to questions and support requests in a timely manner. 
  • Provide guidance and technical support for the equipment used in Heritage broadcast TV and radio studios. 
  • Draft digital media specifications and AV standards in coordination with Heritage Communications Group and other key stakeholders; communicate specifications and standards to AV vendors supporting off-site events. 
  • Oversee digital media storage; design media archiving and retrieval systems to meet enterprise objectives, receive and process media from external events and other third-party resources. 
  • Oversee and maintain AV equipment in auditoriums, conference rooms, and mobile carts in a ready state for any last minute requests; troubleshoot technical problems and engage third-party vendor support when appropriate. 
  • Develop plans and justifications for investments in AV equipment and services, execute all equipment replacement or upgrade projects.  
  • Provide AV coordination for external events such as webcasting and live streaming as required; provide occasional off-site AV support as required. 
  • Provide guidance on new trends and technology innovation related to AV systems and services. 
  • Maintain AV Guidelines for Heritage events and conference rooms including the user documentation on all systems. 
  • Cross-train individuals on the IS Team as well as other key Heritage personnel on AV systems and production standards. 


  • Job Type: 

  • Education:

    Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Experience:

    Three or more years of A/V administration and support using a variety of broadcast, recording, presentation and related software. Familiarity with Video Editing, Web-conferencing, Video-conferencing, streaming services and/or studio technologies. Comfortable in a mixed Apple and Microsoft environment, with a working knowledge of computers and typical office software. Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Skills:

    • Environment: Yamaha Centralogic Mixing Console; Shure Microphones; Analog Way RKD500 Remote Control Console; Vaddio ProductionVIEW FX; Vaddio WallVIEW HD-18 Cameras; HyperDeck Studio SSD Broadcast Recorder Deck; YouTube; Final Cut Pro; Adobe Creative Suite; Livestream; Black Magic; WebEx; GoTo Meeting
    • Willingness to work a flexible schedule to support Heritage Events and Functions
    • On-call responsibilities as assigned.
    • Ability to trouble-shoot problems and anticipate consequences of actions.
    • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication required.
    • Willing and eager to work with a variety of individuals.
    • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, and the department's goals and objectives.