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Student Virtual Think Tank

Our Young Leaders Program Facebook Page makes sure the ability to interact with The Heritage Foundation isn’t limited by the boundaries of Washington, D.C. The Young Leaders Program gives young conservatives access to Heritage policy experts through a series of video web-chats. With interactive polling, chat rooms, and live streaming video, the Young Leaders Program Facebook Page offers an exciting educational tool—and a place to meet fellow conservatives.

In short, the Young Leaders Program Facebook Page offers young conservatives the ability to:

  • Connect with other young conservative in intellectual conversation.
  • Debate peers over the tough public policy questions the nation faces.
  • Participate in interactive polls and see results as they come in.
  • Engage Heritage policy experts often seen on cable news or read online.

To get connected to the Young Leaders Program:

Send us an email to YoungLeadersProgram@heritage.org.
Like our Facebook Page at The Young Leaders Program Facebook Page.

The Young Leaders Program Facebook Page


All About the Money is a new guide for college students and young professionals that explains where government spending goes and why it matters for today’s millennials.

Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program promotes the mission of The Heritage Foundation to the next generation by developing and implementing outreach to younger audiences. We offer young conservatives from around the country Washington, DC’s best internship program.