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George C. Marshall Fellows Program

The Heritage Foundation's George C. Marshall Fellows Program is aimed at cultivating the next generation of strategic leaders in national security and foreign policy.

We believe that future conservative leaders need more than expertise in particular policy areas. They must also appreciate and synthesize America's traditions, values, and worldwide challenges into a grand strategy. The Marshall Fellows program is intended to provide exceptional young conservatives with the opportunity to appreciate this unique and essential component of American strategic leadership—the capacity to act as a grand strategist.

The fellowship introduces participants to the skills, knowledge, and attributes that contribute to making American grand strategy by engaging with some of the nation's leading conservative thought leaders. The program runs from March to October and incorporates lecture programs, several field trips and social events created by the program's participants. Additionally, participants will design and execute a simulation of The Yalta Conference in coordination with the Virginia Military Institute Cadets as a capstone project.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Buchheit.

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