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James Madison Fellowship

For thoughtful, senior congressional staff dedicated to making America’s first principles the foremost consideration in the creation of our nation’s public policy.


About the Program

Cosponsored by the Heritage Foundation and Hillsdale College, the James Madison Fellows Program is an on-going educational program for senior-level U.S. Senate and House staffers who are dedicated to advancing a principled understanding of American politics.

Participants meet for monthly informal roundtable discussions with key opinion makers, Washington insiders, and policy experts. The James Madison Fellows Program also includes retreats and regular networking opportunities.

To join the Program, participants simply attend a day-long Constitutional Colloquium, during which they explore the principles of the American Founding and the challenge of Progressive Liberalism, and learn how to trace a path back to constitutional government and how to apply principles to the policy questions of the day.

Speakers Include:

    James Madison Fellowship Program
  • Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal
  • Kelly Anne Conway, The Polling Company
  • Ed Whelan, Ethics and Public Policy Center
  • Michael Barone, American Enterprise Institute
  • David McIntosh, The Federalist Society
  • David Rivkin, Baker Hostetler
  • The Honorable Edwin Meese III, former U.S. Attorney General
  • William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard
  • Steve Hayward, American Enterprise Institute
  • The Honorable Janice Rogers Brown, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

What Our Participants Are Saying:

"The Madison Fellows Program presents a wonderful—and rare—opportunity to engage in modern policy debates on the Constitution's own terms, just as the Founders intended.”

- Paul Taylor, House Subcommittee on the Constitution

“Most Hill staffers chose to work here for idealistic reasons, and for conservatives, those reasons can be boiled down in large part to preserving and advancing the foundational principles of our country. Through learning about and discussing the intellectual history of those principles, the Madison Fellows program provides both practical ammunition and renewed energy for the defense of our founding principles in the political battles of the day.”

- James Rice, Senator Charles E. Grassley

“The Madison Fellows program has been the perfect way for me to connect the principles of our Founding to the policies and ideas that conservatives are fighting for on Capitol Hill. It’s for any staffer who wants to know not just the “what” and “how,” but the “why” behind our work and how we should be serving in government.”

- Wesley A. Goodman, U.S. House Republican Study Committee

“Through the Madison Fellows Programs I have not only had the opportunity to learn today’s foremost constitutional scholars but have also become part of a network of congressional staffers that work together to preserve the Founders’ vision for our republic. Any staffer that wants to promote adherence to the Constitution and defend liberty, as well as become a better citizen, should become a Madison Fellow.”

- John Maniscalco, Representative Scott Garrett

James Madison Fellowship Program

How to Apply:

The James Madison Fellows Program is open to senior-level staffers. There is no cost to the participants or their offices for the program. To apply, complete the application form.

For questions, contact Gerren McHam via email or call him at (202) 608-6203.

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