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Jul 07

Strategic Communication: Origins, Concepts, and Current Debates

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Strategic Communication: Origins, Concepts, and Current Debates is the first book explicitly focused on strategic communication as it is currently used and discussed in the United States government. Christopher Paul writes specifically for those who are new to strategic communication. He clarifies the definitional debate, explores the history of the term and its practice, and embraces a broad, practical definition. He reviews dozens of government reports on strategic communication and public diplomacy released since 2000, examining specific proposals related to improving strategic communication in the U.S. government and explaining the disagreements. And, he discusses how disparate elements of the government can be coordinated to master – and win – the "war of ideas" through fully integrated and synchronized communications and actions.

Christopher Paul, Ph.D., is a social scientist working out of RAND's Pittsburgh office. He has developed methodological competencies in comparative historical and case study approaches, quantitative analysis, and survey research. His current research interests include military influence operations, integration of air and naval forces, simulations training, press-military relations, counterterrorism, and military operations on urban terrain. His published works include Praeger's Information Operations: Doctrine and Practice A Reference Handbook.

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