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Apr 20

Pentagon Efficiency Initiatives: Are They Enough to Stave Off More Defense Cuts?

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America’s worrisome financial outlook is prompting another careful examination of the defense budget and military spending priorities. Every program in defense should be examined on its merit, including the vast sums of taxpayer money spent on Department of Defense services and contracts.

The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics is at the heart of this endeavor to show due diligence in this major portion of the defense budget that totals roughly $400 billion for all goods and services. As the Principal Staff Assistant and advisor to the Secretary of Defense for all matters relating to the defense acquisition system, Under Secretary Carter strives to ensure that this responsibility is met. Since being sworn in on April 27, 2009, he has worked to facilitate more effective communication between the Department of Defense and the defense industry, ensuring that in an era of falling defense budgets, both the military and the defense industry can remain healthy. In his words, Under Secretary Carter has promoted “better buying power” so that the military can do “more without more.”

Join us as Under Secretary Carter discusses the challenges in defense services’ acquisitions by addressing and expanding upon the efficiencies outlined by Secretary Robert Gates. He will also address short and long term challenges for both industry and the Pentagon.

Prior to his current appointment, Under Secretary Carter worked in a number of defense-related fields. Serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy under President Clinton and a two-time member of the Defense Science Board, he has also served as chairman of Harvard’s International and Global Affairs faculty at the Kennedy School of Government. He has received a number of awards, among them the Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal and the Defense Intelligence Medal. Under Secretary Carter received bachelor’s degrees in physics and medieval history from Yale and a doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford University.

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Ashton B. Carter
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics, U.S. Department of Defense

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