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Jul 28

Keeping America Free, Safe And Prosperous: Counterterrorism in the Obama Administration

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On only his third day in office, President Obama issued an Executive Order calling for the closing of Guantanamo Bay and banning enhanced interrogation techniques. Over the past two years the country’s counterterrorism tools have been left to atrophy. Recent events, such as the attempted Christmas Day and Times Square bombings, have shown, however, that terrorists continue to seek to harm the United States and its people.

Serving in his ninth term in the U.S. House of Representatives and as ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee, Representative Peter King (R-NY) has long been a champion of enhancing U.S. counterterrorism tools. Working to secure continued funding of vital homeland security priorities, a decisive terrorist detainee policy, and reform of congressional oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, he has sought to further the security of the United States. Join us as Representative King addresses counterterrorism in the Obama Administration and the future of homeland security.

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The Honorable Peter King (R-NY)
Ranking Member, House Homeland Security Committee

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