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Jun 30

Afghanistan: Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with the United States

Speech Text by Dr. Liam Fox, Secretary of State for Defence

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The United Kingdom is America’s most important partner in the war in Afghanistan. 10,000 British troops are serving on the front lines alongside their American allies, fighting against the Taliban and its Al-Qaeda sponsors. The new British Government, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, has committed Britain to this fight, which is an essential part of the global war against Islamist terrorism. Britain must win in Afghanistan, shoulder to shoulder with the United States.

Please join The Heritage Foundation as the new Secretary of State for Defence, The Rt. Hon. Liam Fox MP, outlines the fundamental importance of Britain’s mission and campaign in Afghanistan, and the vital role of the Anglo-American Special Relationship.

Dr. Liam Fox has been a frequent visitor to Washington over the past several years and has worked tirelessly to advance the alliance between the United States and Great Britain. He has been a Member of Parliament since 1992 and was appointed Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom in May 2010. He has served as Shadow Foreign Secretary, Shadow Defence Secretary, and Shadow Health Secretary, and was a Foreign Office Minister in the last Conservative Government.

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The Right Honourable Liam Fox MP
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