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May 05

Moscow's Neighborhood Policy: An "Invitation" Its Neighbors Can't Refuse

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Over the past decade, Russia has steadily pressed the limit of peaceful relations with its neighbors by exerting ever greater pressure over states it considers to be within its rightful sphere of influence. Russia’s foreign policy shows a willingness to employ all forms of power to achieve the ends of its so-called “neighborhood policy.” Russia’s influence, including through recent investments in broadcasting and propaganda, is a subject of increasing concern for many states, including Estonia. Our panelists will analyze Moscow’s attempts to gain influence over its neighbors and their impact on citizens of European nations.

More About the Speakers

Helle Dale
Senior Fellow for Public Diplomacy,
The Heritage Foundation

Peter B. Doran
Senior Policy Analyst,
Center for European Policy Analysis

Agu Uudelepp
Strategic Communications Expert and Partner,
Meta Advisory Group

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Sally McNamara Sally McNamara

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